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Advanced Skeet Shooting

Instructor: Greg Danas

Tuition: $225.00

In addition to a review of the techniques learned in Introduction to Skeet Shooting, the student will learn all popular shooting methods, including: pass-through, sustained lead, pull away and maintained lead and when to use each. The course will also cover gun fit, gun mount, stance using small gauges, gun safety, diagnosing your shooting, proper use of the eyes, gun holding positions, choke and load selection, hitting extreme angle and long distance targets, and home practice for improved success. The course is ideal for the experienced shooter who wishes to hone his skills and enables shooters to solve specific problem shots. All equipment provided. Class time: 3 hours. Class is taught outdoors on a professional skeet field using $1000.00 over-under shotguns. Students should have average to above average upper-body strength. Maximum 2 students per class. Students must register in advance. Confirmation and directions will be provided. Week days 9am-12noon, Saturdays 8am-11am.

Course offered by Instructional Shooting, Inc. of Lowell, MA.
 Mr. Danas is a National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Level II Instructor.


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