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Instructor: Greg Danas

Tuition: $225.00

American Trap shooting has gained in popularity with persons interested in fast paced shooting or learning to increase ability as a hunter. This informative course will give the student all the tools needed to become proficient as a trap shooter. Students will receive instruction on: Handling a shotgun safely, loading & unloading, shooting with both eyes open, focusing on target rather than sights, leading the clays, correct posture and weight distribution, shooting doubles, learn proper gun mount, proper gun fit, extreme angle shooting, choke adjustment for slow, long distance shooting or rapid, short distance shots, selecting proper trap loads, loading a trap machine, and other pertinent information. American Trap is the most basic of all the trap disciplines. Standard targets are thrown as singles. The horizontal direction is randomized with a maximum angle of 22 degrees measured from a line from the trap to the middle station. The height at which the targets are thrown is constant and the distance is constant at 50 yards. A squad of five shooters shoot in rotation from five positions arrayed in an arc located sixteen yards behind the traphouse, with five targets thrown at each station before the shooters change. A round is 25 targets with one shot allowed at each target. Trap shooters who wish to develop consistency in their scores should consider this program. All equipment is provided. Class time: 3 hours. Class is taught outdoors on a professional trap field with $1000.00 over-under and semi-automatic shotguns. Students should have average to above average upper-body strength. Students must register in advance. All equipment provided. Confirmation and directions will be provided. Weekdays 9am-12noon, Saturdays 8am-11am.

Course offered by Instructional Shooting, Inc., Lowell, MA.
Mr. Danas is a National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Level II Instructor.


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