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Positive Shooting for Sporting Clays

Instructor: Greg A. Danas

Tuition: $225.00

Positive Shooting is a coherent, methodical and easily taught theory of shooting flexible enough to address any shotgunning situation. It recognizes that some targets require unusual treatment but teaches a core technique that is the most effective way to take most sporting targets out to 35 yards. Positive Shooting teaches a simple, by-the-numbers routine for setting the shooter properly and engaging each target. The technique relies heavily on preparation and on maintaining intense concentration. A methodical approach and disciplined mindset are at the heart of the technique. The class includes a thorough evaluation of the core requirements of shooting: eye\sight development and proper gun fit. Hand and body positioning, eye\gun alignment, gun choice, gun mount and swing are also covered, as well as the "triangle of universals" a.k.a. learning sustained visual contact, balance and rhythm. Positive Shooting is designed to deal with the most difficult shots in the most effective manner. The student will shoot unusual shots (wobble trap) as well as traditional trap and skeet shots. This program is designed to hone the skills of the wing shooter or sporting clays enthusiast. Student inability to field extreme angle shots will be overcome with this method. Try your hand at shooting games such as: (One or) Two-Man Flush, where targets are launched in all directions away from the trap house using an International "Wobble Trap". Two shells are loaded in each shotgun, and a rail holding 10 shotgun shells is set in front of each shooter to make reloading quicker. Targets (24 total) will be launched at 1.5 second intervals. Or, try the Rabbit Run, where a trap is set to launch targets as close to the ground as possible. The shooter stands either behind the trap house or on top of it, shooting a round of 25 "rabbits". The course will be taught on professional trap\skeet fields with $1000.00 shotguns. All equipment provided. Class time: 3 hours. Students should have average to above average upper-body strength. Maximum of 5 students per class. Students must register in advance. Confirmation and directions will be provided. Call for appointment.

Course offered by Instructional Shooting, Inc., Lowell, MA.
Mr. Danas is a National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Level II Instructor.


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