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F.I.D. Safety Course

Instructor: Greg A. Danas

Tuition: $50.00

The Firearms Identification (F.I.D.) Card is the permit required to own, purchase, possess, transfer and transport long guns (shotguns & rifles), as well as Mace-type products.

This 3 hour program addresses the safety needs associated with shotgun and rifle ownership as well as an overview of Massachusetts Law relative to these firearms. Mace-type products will be included. Students will receive thorough instruction on firearm parts, operation and safety technique, receive related paperwork and review selected videos in order to establish safe, lawful practices with shotguns, rifles and mace related products. A must for the youngster obtaining his or her first F.I.D. card or for anyone who would appreciate a serious look at firearm ownership. Registration is required up to the class date. Class is offered see schedule, 2:00pm to 4:30pm.  Confirmation and directions will be provided. This class also allows to obtain your Hunting License.


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