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Chemical Weapons (Mace) Certification

Tuition: $65.00

Aerosol Subject Restraint has become increasingly popular as a method of non-lethal personal protection with law enforcement and the general public. This course offers revealing information to those who prefer alternative defensive techniques.


A person sprayed in the face with tear gas cannot effectively attack you. It acts fast and completely incapacitates your attacker. Your opponent is immobilized for 25 to 35 minutes, with no permanent effects, thereby permitting you to escape or have a policeman arrest him. You can even spray him a second time if you have any fear of further attacks while waiting for assistance.

This 4 hour certified class will cover:

  • Massachusetts Laws pertaining to ownership of chemical agents
  • The benefits and disadvantages of chemical agents
  • Properties and effects of chemical agents
  • Different types of Chemical Agents and which is best for you
  • Methods of Carry and Deployment
  • Alternatives to Chemical Agents
  • First Aid & Decontamination
  • Benefits of Certification

Instructor Peter Danas is a Law Enforcement Chemical Weapons Instructor. He currently teaches Law Enforcement personnel in the uses of all form of chemical agents and aerosol weapons.


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