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(Mace Certification is available to the General Public. PR24 is not.)

PR-24 Police Baton Certification Course

Instructor: Greg Danas

Tuition: $ 100.00

The success of the PR-24 defensive police baton as an aid to the officer in the field has been well established over the years. The reason for this success is because it works. Thousands of dedicated law enforcement instructors have relentlessly pursued the task of training patrol and correctional personnel in the proper use of the PR-24 defensive police baton utilizing standardized techniques and training methods.

The PR-24 defensive police baton training program is proven and standardized, both nationally and internationally, because of the effort, expertise, commitment to excellence. The Monadnock PR-24 Basic Course has been a law enforcement training standard since 1972.

Upon successful completion, the student will be certified to carry a PR-24 defensive police baton. Recertification for PR-24 is required annually. This is a one day, 12 hour course. Students must provide their own Monadnock PR-24 STS police baton and baton ring holder. Baton and holder are provided at a nominal cost if student does not have his own. All personnel should be in good physical condition as portions of the certification may be rigorous. All required equipment is for sale at Instructional Shooting, Inc.


Pre-Basic PR-24 Police Baton Certification Course

Instructor: Greg Danas

Tuition: $ 75.00

This 8 hour course includes all the defensive tactics of the 12 hour PR-24 course excluding handcuffing techniques and PR-24 retention methods. Suitable for those security personnel who do not have the powers to arrest or detain, but need the defensive capabilities of the PR-24 defensive police baton. All student qualifications and equipment requirements are listed above in the Basic 12 hour PR-24 course.


PR-24 Re-certification

Instructor: Peter A. Danas

Tuition: $ 35.00

Student has to demonstrate the proficient use of a PR-24 police baton.

Instructor will implement additional PR-24 techniques as needed. Class time will vary depending on the skill of the student. Annual recertification is necessary in order for the student to maintain qualified status.


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