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Defensive Chemical Weapons

Instructor: Peter A. Danas

Tuition: $ 75.00

A comprehensive examination of all aspects of non-lethal chemical warfare, including pyrotechnics, aerosols, liquid projectors, protective devices and first aid with special emphasis on situations and tactics.

Certified police, security or corrections officers only. All personnel should be in good physical condition as portions of the training may be rigorous. 5 hour class; all students will be issued a canister of PUNCH II (retail $17.95). Instructional Shooting Inc. will issue Certificates which will be valid for two years. Re-certification will be required.

Similar course offered through 4 colleges\universities in Eastern Mass. for the general public.


Chemical Weapon Re-certification

Instructor: Greg A. Danas

Tuition: $ 35.00

Student has to demonstrate the proficient use of chemical weapons. Instructor will implement additional Chemical weapons techniques as needed. Class time will vary depending on the skill of the student. Recertification is necessary in order for the student to maintain qualified status.


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