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Bullseye Live Fire (Level II / Level III)

Tuition: $150.00

After completion of the ISI Basic Pistol Certification Course, what's next? Bullseye shooting in improving general marksmanship skills!!!

The ISI Bullseye Shooting Program offers instruction in technical shooting skill which assists shooters to become more proficient with their handguns. Practice makes perfect in terms of marksmanship, but, practice without proper effective technique makes perfection far more difficult than need be.

This course is designed to assist the novice or experienced shooter to develop more proficient skills in shooting the handgun accurately. Not sure why your shots are "all over the paper?" Learn why and how to correct your shortcomings as a shooter through intensive one-on-one instruction. Physical skills are reviewed and applied and mental preparation techniques are administered through a series of exercises designed to sharpen and focus the mind for the task at hand. Fundamental skills such as sight alignment, trigger squeeze and breath control, as well as timed fire and rapid fire techniques are covered, as are one and two hand grips.

We have combined the Level II Bullseye Shooting course with our Level III Marksmanship Qualification course (Level II and Level III materials now covered in a single Saturday evening class). The ISI Marksmanship Qualification Program offers incremental goals that help shooters improve while measuring their individual rates of progress. Qualification ratings are score-based so that advancement requires the attainment of progressively higher degrees of skill. Additionally, each course of fire presents a variety of supporting skills that must be developed in order to improve individuals' marksmanship.

This course is designed to assist the novice or experienced bullseye shooter to become more proficient by outlining and applying the fundamental concepts and techniques which are a must for shooting consistency. The ability to adhere, mentally and physically, to these fundamental precepts directly impact the shooter's performance on the range. This program will instruct the student how and when to focus his concentration, offering important points to consider while applying advanced bullseye techniques. The student will participate in gallery match format shooting which includes slow, timed and rapid-fire stages. Slow fire consists of 10 rounds in ten minutes, utilizing fundamental techniques of breath control, trigger control and red-dot sight alignment. Timed fire consists of two five shot strings, each with a 20-second time period. Rapid fire consists of two five shot strings, each with a 10-second limit. Rapid fire is considered the greatest challenge while learning to maximize control of the pistol which will reduce recoil and muzzle jump resulting in the highest possible score. This class is a third level program, after the Bullseye Marksmanship Course, for those who would consider bullseye shooting on a pistol team.

Course is offered in a 3 hour format, taught from 2:00pm to 5:00pm and 5:30pm to 8:30 pm Students will supply the firearms, ammunition, and ear and eye protection unless otherwise noted. ISI will supply firearm ammo etc.  unless students had his/her own equipment.  LEAD TARGET LOADS ONLY.  STUDENTS MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE!!! Directions will be provided


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