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Perhaps the most confounding aspect of defensive handgunning is the subjective standard by which individuals are judged, regardless of any thorough, all encompassing definition put forth by any state or locality relative to when or when not to use deadly force. By any measure, the armed citizen will be judged, in any trial, by the standards of reasonable men. However, the criteria which apply to reasonable use of force application are fairly straightforward considering the elements that must be present before deadly force becomes an option. What are these criteria? How do they apply? What role does training, or lack thereof, play? Can individuals be judged differently based on skill-level, profession, physical and mental ability or equipment? How do the police and prosecution view the armed citizen? The media? The average citizen? What about practical views on firearms ownership, by state, by county? Is a man's home really his castle? What about witnesses? What do they see?

This course will attempt to discern the answers to all these questions based on the instructor's 15 years of experience as a firearms expert in training and technology, as well as prior testimony in related cases. A must for those who carry firearms or who keep firearms in the home. Eight hours. 8 am to 5 pm. All materials provided.



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