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Instructor: George A. Danas

Tuition: $ 100.00

For those who wish to master the semi-automatic pistol, this 9 hour course will provide advanced knowledge to increase the concealed carrier's tactical advantage in real-life scenarios. This course will cover: the four step drawing process, moving with a drawn pistol, shot placement and zones, pivots and turns, firing from cover and concealment, drawing and firing from beneath a jacket or sweatshirt, reloading for maximum load efficiency, moving to and from targets with drawn pistol, focusing on specific target zones, optimum selection of weapon, ammo, holsters and other accessories. Also included are discussions of ammo choices, the truth about "stopping power", timed draw and fire, as well as attitude and preparation necessary to win! Face-off in competition with other students during plate shooting and test your skill versus the dueling tree. The student will need 400 rounds (250 factory\150 lead) of handgun ammunition. See Introduction to the Combat Handgun for required equipment list. All required equipment available for sale at A.G. Guns & Ammo Inc. One hour class room, eight hours range time. Introduction to the Combat Handgun is recommended for the novice shooter. ISI policy invites students to return to class for HALF TUITION after initial class (student provides ammo). Confirmations and directions will be provided.


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