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Firearms Judgemental Training System

Chief Instructor: Greg Danas

Tuition: $70.00 Per 90 minute session
Payment and reservations must be made prior to the training session

  • FATS Syetsms are simply the best interactive tool for the general public, law enforcement and security agencies to hone their judgement skills in shoot/don't shoot situations and marksmanship training.

  • The FATS simulator evaluates each trainee on a series of judgement, accuracy and reaction time excersizes. Scores are given for correct decisions in shoot/don't shoot situations, target identification and the reaction time from a lethal threat to the trainee's response.

  • The simulator can replay exercises either in real time of slow motion. FATS can be used with a variety of firearm options, including modified weapons that can shoot eye-safe lasers and actual firearms that use FATS laser inserts. With more than 1,500 systems in 31 countries, FATS systems are used by all branches of the U.S. Armed Services, the FBI, DEA and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

  • To shoot on the FATS Training Simulator, visit Instructional Shooting, Inc., your firearms specialist!

Please call the store and ask for Greg to Reserve your Place.
Class size is limited, reserve in advance.
Call for immediate enrollment!


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