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Lowell, MA 01852
Voice Line: (978) 452-8450
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Instructor: George A. Danas

Tuition: $ 150.00

For graduates of either Introduction to Combat Handgun or Advanced Handgun; Tactical Handgun is designed for students to reach their maximum potential with a pistol. The subject emphasis is shooter movement, target movement and tactical responses utilizing a variety of shoot/non-shoot drills while overcoming high levels of physical exertion. Simulation exercises include pneumatic and reactive targets, multiple target conflicts, and complex tactical shooting problems. Students will be evaluated under a series of speed and accuracy drills and simulated low-light training exercises through the use of night shooting goggles. Intermediate force, voice commands and barricade techniques will also be covered. Ideal for evaluation of personal limitations both physically and mentally. Students must be in good physical condition as portions of this program are strenuous. The student will need 500 rounds (350 factory\150 lead) of handgun ammunition. See Introduction to the Combat Handgun for required equipment list. ISI policy invites students to return to class for Half Tuition after initial class (student provides ammo). Confirmation and directions will be provided. Introduction to Combat Handgun or Advanced Handgun prerequisites.


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