164 Andover St.
Lowell, MA 01852
Voice Line: (978) 452-8450
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Tuition: $100.00

Instructor: George A. Danas

High-powered rifle offers a complete overview to practical rifle marksmanship for those individuals who would compete or hunt with mid to large calibers. Basic range marksmanship, including fundamentals of sighting, fixed firing positions, trigger control, breath control and rifle manipulations are reviewed. Close and medium range shooting as well as long-range shooting techniques are addressed. The student will begin with small-bore exercises, eventually working his was through to larger calibers. Cartridges include .22 rimfile to .308 caliber. Participants will utilize competitive .22 files to Remington Police Tactical .308 and Springfield M1A .308 caliber rifles. Two hour class taught on a one hundred yard outdoor range. Rifles, spotting scope, ear and eye protection provided. Monday through Saturday mornings only, 8am to 10 am. Call for appointment. Confirmation and directions will be provided. Ammunition can be provided for additional cost or student may bring his own. Factory ammo only.


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