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Instructor: Peter A. Danas

Tuition: $ 100.00

Learn proper and safe manipulation of the shotgun as a defensive tool. Whether a novice or an experienced shotgunner, the student will find the combat shotgun to be a superior program. This hands-on course focuses on the safe and effective operation of the shotgun from close range to 100 yards. The course includes the use of the defensive shotgun in 12 gauge at varied distances with a variety of loads, stances and positioning, rapid deployment, shooting from the shoulder and hip with slugs and buckshot, one-hand manipulation and firing techniques, double-tap and other advanced rapid-fire control techniques, speed reloading, malfunction responses, ambidextrous shooting, use of the shotgun from vertical or horizontal cover, proper selection of combat shotguns and ammunition. Rental shotguns available. Intensive 6 hour course. ISI policy invites students to return to class for HALF TUITION after initial class (student provides ammo). Confirmations and directions will be sent.

Students are required to bring:

  • A good quality shotgun (rentals are available on request - $35)
  • 25 rounds of the appropriate gauge 4 shot
  • 50 rounds of the appropriate gauge buckshot
  • 50 rounds of the appropriate gauge slugs (ALL AMMUNITION MUST BE FACTORY AMMO)
  • Eye and Ear protection is mandatory
  • Insect repellent
  • Lunch (we will be breaking for lunch)
  • Outdoor Clothing (Boots Etc.)
  • Shoulder Protector



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