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Instructor: Greg Danas

Tuition: $225.00

American Skeet has gained in popularity year after year as a source of fun and relaxation for men and women alike. This informative course will give the student all the tools needed to become proficient as a skeet shooter. Students will receive instruction on: Handling a shotgun safely, loading & unloading, using sights, leading the clays, shooting doubles, learning positions, loading a skeet machine, and other pertinent information. American Skeet consists of a round of 25 targets in a set sequence of singles and simultaneous doubles. Squads of five shooters take their turns from eight shooting stations. Each squad member takes two single and one double from stations 1, 2, 6 & 7. Two singles are taken from stations 3, 4, 5 & 8. The 25th target is taken after the first target is missed, or as a final target (low house #8) after 24 kills. Targets are thrown a distance of 60 yards. Variations in the angles of the targets presented from the "high" and "low" house result from the shooter moving from station to station. American Skeet is the only discipline that has regular, specific tournament events for sub-bore shotguns: 20, 28 and .410. All equipment is provided. Class time: 3 hours. Class is taught outdoors on a professional skeet field with $1000.00 over-under shotguns. Students should have average to above average upper-body strength. Maximum 2 students per class. Students must register in advance. Confirmation and directions will be provided. Week days 9am-12noon, Saturdays 8am-11am.

Course offered by Instructional Shooting, Inc., Lowell, MA.
Mr. Danas is a National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Level II Instructor.


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